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How To Set Up Apple IDs To Use Find My Friend

My spouse and I both have iPhones (with iOS 5) and share Apple iTunes and iCloud IDs and use iCloud’s shared Address Book and Calendar. We do have different e-mail addresses. I have been unable to set up Find My Friend in this configuration. If there a way to configure Apple iTunes and or iCloud IDs on the phones to enable Find Friend and continue to share iCloud calendar and address book?
Vincent Cina

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    9 years ago

    Not sure. It isn’t a good idea to share an Apple ID like that, as you can probably now tell.
    If you have tried to set up Find My Friend and it isn’t working, then you probably have your answer.

    Fred Kelsey
    9 years ago

    You should be able to use Find My Phone to see both iPhone locations on the same account. However I was also curious about how to set this up on Find My Friend since I had same problem with shared iTunes & iCloud. My work around was:
    1. Went to Google and set up two gmail addresses one for my wife & one for me.
    2. Went on and set up each gmail address as an apple id.
    3. Went to each iOS device and and logged in to Find My Friend on each device using her gmail address on her iOS device and mine on mine.
    4. Did the friend invites to each device.
    It worked
    This should also work for using Face Time to connect with each of your iOS phones.

      Vincent Cina
      9 years ago

      With the help of the Genius Bar at the local Apple store they told me that I needed to use the same Apple ID for iCloud (Settings -> iCloud) to share Address Book, Calendar etc. and I need to set up the Find Friends app with different Apple IDs.

      So, with my two iPhones that had shared the same Apple ID for iCloud and Find Friends, I had to delete the Apple ID in Find Friends on one iPhone and create a new one. Then my Find Friends invitations worked.

      A general comment / opinion:

      There is too much confusion with all the potential IDs and ID specifications, like in Settings -> Store (covering iTunes Music, the App Store and iBooks), iMessage, iChat, Mail MobileMe and iCloud specifications, Find Friends, FaceTime (and possible some more that I can’t think of at the moment). It would be great if Apple could do some re-engineering and simplification of the identification, authentication and authorization systems.

        9 years ago

        They did. For most users they would simply have one Apple ID and use that for everything. It only gets complex when you deviate from that, say when you have two people sharing an account.

    9 years ago

    We seem to have forgotten that Apple wished us all to transfer to from some time ago. Those who did (like me) now have two Apple Ids and I for one, have all kinds of problems with Id verification and I am unable to use Find my Friends at all because of this. When I can find a definitive solution to this problem, ratified by Apple, I will use this app, until then it’s a dead duck as far a I am concerned.

    9 years ago

    If anyone is still interested …….. I had a consultation with a Genius at the local Apple Store who diagnosed the problem as me having my as the “alternative email address”.

    Once I’d removed it and focussed on having my everywhere I could think of and just using the for emails, my problems went away.

    9 years ago

    i want to add in iphone 3 but i cant
    becazz i dont no how to get
    so plzzz tell me how to do
    i really need that
    tanx ..

      9 years ago

      An iPhone 3? Do you mean an iPhone 3G? Or 3Gs? Either way, unless you are using iOS version 5 or newer on the phone, you can’t use Find My Friends.

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