Forum Question: How to set up iPhoto captions outside of picture area

Does anybody out there know of a way to change the location of the text (metadata, including captions and titles), in slideshows? Must the text always appear over the photograph?
We have around 30,000 photos to build into slideshows, so the text can not be added one slide at a time either! We have looked at several plug ins, even borderFX, but nothing seems to work for metadata which includes 2 lines of text.
Please send your ideas too!
Please send your ideas too! Any and all ideas on creating solutions are welcome!

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    11/17/10 @ 5:28 pm

    A 30,000 photo slideshow?
    It doesn’t sound like you are building the typical “show the family vacation pictures to the neighbors” slideshow.
    Maybe it would help if we could understand the purpose of what you are trying to do. What are these slideshows for? Is there a single 30,000 photo slideshow, or many smaller ones?

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