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How To Share iTunes Books Between Family iPads

How do I share books downloaded from iTunes to my iMac and synced to my iPad and iPhone with the rest of my family on their iPads?
Lorraine McKenzie

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    6 years ago

    So, by family iPads I assume you mean iPads owned by different people in your house, each with their own separate Apple ID.
    And I’ll also assume you mean iBooks, books purchased in the Apple iBookstore, not audio books.
    One way I can think to do this is to simply sign out of the account in the iBooks app. Do that at the very bottom of the “Featured” screen. Then sign in using the account by the other family member. Then you should be able to go to the Purchased section of the iBooks app, and download anything that is there.
    After that is done, then sign out and sign back in with the actual Apple ID of the owner of the iPad.
    Now what will probably happen is that you will at some point be asked to verify the ownership of the book by entering in the password for the other Apple ID again. That happens with apps when shared like this and they get updates. But it may happen the first time you try to open the book.
    Not sure if it all works exactly like that, but give it a try. I can’t simulate this at the moment so I can’t test it myself. Report back and let us all know how it worked.
    A quick search also turned up this article which show some other ways to do it:

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