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How to Stop Apple Spell Check From Correcting My Sons Name?

Everytime I type my sons name, Sam into IOS, it changes it to SAM or SAMs depending on what I’m typing. I keep changing it but it makes no difference. This has happened since my old iPad 4 and my new iPad air 2. Drives me potty, how can I fix please.
Thanks in advance Gary.
John Jones

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    4 years ago

    It depends which version of iOS you are using and how you are using the keyboard.
    Assuming iOS 9:
    Do you see three “suggestions” above the keyboard as you type? If not, then you should see a thin bar with a small white bar in the middle. Drag that up to see the suggestions.
    Now when you type s a m you should see “sam” on the left followed by two other suggestions. Tap the quoted one to select it. It should learn this after a few times.

    4 years ago

    The easiest way to prevent it from happening is to create a shortcut in the keyboard menu. Insert in both fields your son’s name or whichever non existing word you usually type, and this way you can “create your own dictionary”. I use it and I think it’s really useful. Good luck :)

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