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How To Stop Email Links From Appearing In a Window On iPad?

When I I’m Mac mail on my iPad, I click on a link in the message and a third window emerges from the right side. It is never full screen. I then have 3 different windows open. This seems to have recently started…but I would prefer to have the view different…any way to change it? Sorry, I wish I could post a pic. Thanks Greg
Greg Nelson

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    3 years ago

    It sounds like you are talking about slide over mode. This is when you bring up another app in a window on the left or right side. Perhaps you used it first by accident. Now Safari has a slide over window and when you click on a link in Mail it will open that link for you in slide over, instead of a full screen.

    One way to dismiss it is the next time you see it, tap on the little line (handle) at the top of the slide over window. Drag it over to the middle and then up to the top of the screen. It will change from slide over to full screen.

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