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Forum Question: How To Stop Mail From Automatically Deleting a Junk Mail I “move”..

When I chose to move a legitimate new mail in Junk Mail by selecting the”Move To Inbox” option…Mail totally deletes it ! (not retriveable)
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1 Mac Mini late 2012
This issue began with 10.12.1

William Trussell

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    11/24/16 @ 6:59 am

    This is probably an issue with your email server, not Mail. Email functionality is very dependent on your email service, not so much the Mail app or your Mac.
    Are you using your ISP’s default email system? (cable, DSL, mobile, etc)I would move away from that — I highly recommend no one uses them. Try a service like Gmail or iCloud for much better results. See http://macmost.com/five-reasons-not-to-use-your-isps-email-service.html.
    In this case, it sounds like your email system is not working properly with the command to move this message. You could try to contact your ISP about it, but I doubt they have any customer service that supports their email system.

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