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How To Stop My iPhone/iPad From Deleting Emails?

When I delete an email off my iPhone 6 plus I don’t want it to delete off my iPad mini 4 as well. Are there setting some where? Both devices are using iOS 10.3.2

Karen M.

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    6 years ago

    It depends on your email service. But most services today are IMAP or the equivalent. So your email is not really "on" you iPhone or iPad, it is on the server. You are just viewing it on your iPhone or iPad. So when you delete an email, it deletes from the server and the change is reflected when you view it in either place.
    It sounds like you want to save some emails. Most services let you create email folders or mailboxes with names like "Archive" or "Save" or something like that. Usually you can create them in the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad, though some services may make you create them using their web email interface. Then you can Move or Archive the message and it goes in there. Otherwise, when you delete a message it is simply deleted. Gmail and iCloud both have an Archive folder (All Mail in Gmail) where the email goes if you use the Archive function in the Mail app rather than delete. Myself, I haven't deleted an email in years. I simply archive everything as it is too hard to predict whether you will need it again and email services offer you tons of free space anyway.

    6 years ago

    Having the same problem. My emails seem to be deleted from my server the exception is I have not deleted them from my iphone. Usually when I look at my mail on my phone I will later go to my outlook on my computer and click mail and those emails will show up. They are no longer showing up and I am not deleting them from my phone. As far as I know I have not changed anything to make this happen. Is there anything I can look at to fix this?

    6 years ago

    If you are using ISP email, the best thing is for you to get away from that and move to a better email provider.

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