Forum Question: How To Sync Documents Folder To iCloud?

Hi Gary, you must be swamped with iCloud help requests, and here’s another one.
Now that I’ve moved to iCloud, I need to back up all my docs from my MacBook – in MobileMe, I had them backed up to idisk, but how do I make my Documents folder regularly get synced with iCloud?
Also, the iWork option in iCloud reuqires me to install Keynote etc on my iPhone/iPad. What if I only want all my iWork files on my MacBook to be uploaded automatically, irrespective of whether I want it to appear on my iPhone at the same time or not – is this possible?

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    10/14/11 @ 12:52 pm

    There is no part of iCloud that allows you to just backup or upload documents.
    So you need to go to one of the many other services that offers this sort of thing.
    DropBox is probably the most popular, and the one I use.
    The iWork portion of iCloud is primarily dealing with the iOS versions of those apps, not the Mac ones. So there really is nothing to do with your Mac Keynote files. They still work with, I believe. Wouldn’t be surprised if there is an update to the iWork apps that makes this better. But since Keynote on iOS and Keynote on Mac have different features, I’m not sure how they will reconcile that in an iCloud-like environment.

    Joel P. Bowman
    10/17/11 @ 3:27 am

    Am I understanding you correctly that I am not able to use iCloud for Pages documents that I can access from more than one Mac computer? The advertising seems to suggest otherwise, but I certainly haven’t been able to do it–yet.

      10/17/11 @ 6:39 am

      Right. There doesn’t seem to be any way to do this yet between Macs. But we’ve always been able to share documents between Macs using things like iDisk, DropBox, regular file sharing, etc. So is it really that big of an issue?

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