Forum Question: How Do I Sync Photos From iPhone To Mac Wirelessly?

How to sync photos FRom iPhone to Mac wirelessly ?
Like earlier I would cable it up
And iPhoto would instantly open offering to import my pictures and video that I have taken. But with wireless sync, it shows it’s backing up but there is no sign of videos going into my Mac from
The iPhone. !

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    10/16/11 @ 7:24 pm

    You can do this using iCloud’s new Photo Stream feature. Just turn it on on your Mac (system prefs for iCloud) and in iPhoto (iPhoto prefs). Then turn it on on your iPhone. Then all pictures you take on your iPhone will get sent to iCloud and you’ll see them in iPhoto as well.
    Otherwise, there doesn’t appear to be a way to sync wirelessly using iPhoto. But Photo Stream makes it kinda unnecessary for normal use. And for more extreme use (taking lots of pictures at an event with no connection) you can still use the Dock cable.
    Don’t know how or if this will change in the future as it all evolves.

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