Forum Question: How to tag a file dropped into a folder

I want to create a digital filing cabinet, with folders and sub-folders. So that Spotlight can help me find files of specific categories, I would like to add tags automatically to a file placed in a folder or subfolder. For instance, I may have a ‘camcorder’ folder as a subfolder to a ‘video’ category folder. So any file placed in the ‘camcorder’ folder would automatically get two tags, ‘camcorder’ and ‘video’. Can you think of a way to do that?

— Ed Imbier

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    4/27/10 @ 4:51 pm

    You should be able to do that by creating a folder action. The folder action would be an AppleScript that would apply the tag. But it will take some programming. Not sure if you have ever created an AppleScript before.

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