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How To Tell If RAM Is Bad and Diagnostic App Tool Gone Missing

I installed a new SSD drive in my 2004 iMac and it was running awesome for about 3 months….now it is really starting to slow down again.

I don’t think it is the SSD drive but more to do with the RAM. I maxed it out at 4 GIG but when I’m running Safari, all of a sudden nothing happens. It just hangs….the mouse moves but can’t click on anything….just have to wait sometimes up to 20-30 seconds.

I tried running the diagnostics that was built in to El Capitan, but for some reason, it is not available on the SSD drive? Not sure where it went, but I’ve tried rebooting with the D down, Option D, Control D and nothing happens. It just boots into the normal sequence.

Any diagnostic tools in the App store that would tell me?

Thanks in advance.

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    4 years ago

    Restarting with the D key held down should work. That shouldn’t be affected by a new SSD drive. But I think a 2004 model is too old to support that. In fact, it should be too old to support El Capitan.
    You could buy a diagnostic tool like TechTool Pro or something. Most are not available in the Mac App Store because they need to do things to your system that the Mac App Store doesn’t allow.
    But instead of doing that, just visit the Genius Bar and have them take a look.
    Also, if this is just a problem with Safari, I would clear your history, cache, cookies and other website data before jumping to the conclusion that it is a memory issue.

    4 years ago

    Does the same in all browsers but mostly Safari

    4 years ago

    Could be a network issue then. Either way, why not use the Genius Bar. You already paid for Genius Bar by owning a Mac, why not use it when you have a problem like this that needs firsthand help.

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