Forum Question: How To Transfer an iTunes Game To iPod From Mac?

Gary, I am unclear on a detail about using my MacBook Pro to get a game for my iPod. I have downloaded Words with Friends on my MBP. I have an iPod and shortly will have an iPad. I’d like to use the game/app with both. I know this app it will not work on the MBP. I figured I would sync the application to my iPod. I’ve not down this before and the instructions make me a bit uneasy. I don’t want to remove or change any of the apps already on the iPod. I just want to include the new game/app Words with Friends. Is the process to just choose the new app and sync that? All other apps remain as is?
Mike Wheless

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    12/29/11 @ 10:14 pm

    So you have never synced your iPod touch with your Mac before?
    If you have, then the process is simple. Just connect. Then sync. Then go to the page in iTunes for that device where you choose which apps to sync. Make sure that particular app is checked and sync again.
    If you have never synced before, then you may run into some conflicts with what you have on your iPod and what you have on your Mac. Read the dialogs that show up when you try carefully.
    And I assume that you are using the same iTunes account for iTunes/app store on your iPod as you are in iTunes on your Mac.

    Michael Wheless
    12/29/11 @ 10:45 pm

    Gary, Yes, I did a sync previously and was able to figure out the music and even some podcasts. Worked OK, and the instructions were clear. I use one Apple ID so that has not been an issue. I have not downloaded any iPod/iPad apps before from the Mac. So, now, today, I have an app from the iTunes store which is for use in the iPod. I did previously download a couple of games directly to the iPod from the iTunes store. Again, worked well. However, the way the instructions appear on the screen to sync apps is my concern. Simple enough, as it says to “Sync Apps” and then at the bottom it is checked “automatically sync new apps”. This is all greyed out. Why I am puzzled is that I have only one app presently on my MBP which is for the IOS. That is where I feel foolish asking this question, but how can I sync apps which are on my iPod, not on my MBP.

      12/29/11 @ 11:17 pm

      Not sure what you are seeing on the “apps” page — you need to check off things correctly on that page so you can sync your apps to and from the iPod.

    Michael Wheless
    12/30/11 @ 12:08 am

    I discovered that when I have the iPod connected I can right click on the iPod device and “transfer purchases from ‘so and so’ iPod”. When I do that, all the games and such that I bought directly from the iTunes store show up on my MBP in my iTunes library. When I click on the “Sync Apps” it gives me a warning window which says, in short, if I sync, all existing apps on the iPod will be removed and replaced with those in the iTunes library. That is the point where I am concerned there is no turning back. On the left hand of this sync window are the apps I have bought. On the right side are the apps which are presently on the iPod. I have watched podcast 348 which was helpful. I just didn’t want to go forward with a sync and then discover I just eliminated all the apps originally on the iPod.

      12/30/11 @ 9:45 am

      Right. The idea is to get everything on your Mac. Then sync it back to the iPod. The one-time pain of doing this only happens when you haven’t ever synced it before.
      But what is your concern? If you have all your apps in iTunes, then there should be no issue. And if you don’t, you can always add them again later — anything you purchased with your iTunes account can be downloaded again. It isn’t like Apple charges to re-download something.

    Michael Wheless
    12/30/11 @ 10:59 pm

    I am just not familiar with sync as a method to communicate between devices. The idea of getting everything on my Mac is just a new concept. I guess it has been around so long for users of Apple products that my concerns seem misguided. For example, having all the apps in iTunes makes perfect sense, but there are apps which are part of the new iPod (Safari, Mail etc). I have taken the plunge and the process seems to have worked. The query by Darren and your reply helped to clear some of my misunderstandings about sync. Thanks.

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