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How To Transfer My MBP Data/apps Etc To New MBP With Fewest Problems?

I anticipate buying a newer MBP and transferring my data, photos, music etc to the new MBP. I have read about using Migration Assistant and the options it provides. I also realize I can make some data transfers in other ways such as copying and sending the data (I’ve done this many times already to share data files with other Mac devices in the family). My concern is transferring things such plist files and then having problems later. As well, what about apps such as Adobe Reader or Etre Check (and others) which were not from the Apple Store? I am OK with downloading these separately rather than transferring. Is there any advice to be shared about transferring as I described?
Mike W

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    4 years ago

    Just use Migration Assistant. This is exactly what it is for. If you find some app missing afterward, then install those apps separately, yes. But in most cases it should all be there.

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