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How To Transfer Pages Documents To iCloud?

Would like to create, modify and open My “pages” documents on my iPad as well as my iPhone?
Linda keel

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    7 years ago

    So what I think you are asking is that you have some older Pages documents that are saved on your Mac hard drive and you want to move them to your iCloud documents space for Pages so you can also open them in Pages for iOS on your iPad and iPhone.
    There are two methods I can think of to do this. The first would simply be to open the document in Pages on your Mac. Then choose File, Move To and move the file to your iCloud document space.
    The second is to run Pages. Then File, Open to bring up the open dialog box. In Mountain Lion this dialog acts as a kind of Finder window too. Switch it to iCloud by clicking the iCloud button at the top. Then you can drag and drop Pages documents from another Finder window into this open dialog box to move them to iCloud. The advantage is that you can do multiple documents at one time.

    Mac Carter
    7 years ago

    Doesn’t this require an Apple email address?

      7 years ago

      It requires an iCloud account. All iCloud accounts come with a free email address but you don’t need to use it.

    7 years ago

    Go to settings on both your iPhone and ipad and do the following to both
    Open iCloud and be sure Notes App is checked on. It then may ask you to create an iCloud account. Give it a name and save it.
    Go to the Pages app settings. Turn on Use ICloud

    You will see your ipad Pages docs populate on iPhone with minutes. Hope this helps!

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