Forum Question: How to transfer photos from my camera

I have a Nikon cool pic 110. It has a cable. Can I connect it to my iPad and do I need any aps.?
Sid bearak

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    1/31/11 @ 1:28 pm

    I don’t have any experience with that particular camera, but if it is one of the compatible ones you can use the iPad Camera Connection Kit to connect the camera directly to your iPad. See episode 393:
    You would use the Photos app that is on your iPad by default.
    But keep in mind that this is only for cases where you don’t have a computer handy. A much better solution is to transfer the photos to iPhoto on your Mac as normal, organize them there, and then sync any photos you want to view to your iPad. The iPad should be used as a secondary viewer, and sometimes temporary transport, but never the primary catalog of your photos.

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