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How to transfer photos from my iPhone to PC

Recently my computer failed and I had to replace it. I lost all my photos on my computer but still have them on my iphone. Can I transfer the photos from my iphone back to my computer. If I try and sync it will only copy photos from the computer to the iphone not the other way. I have a windows PC.
Pat Hickey

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    9 years ago

    You actually don’t have the photos on your iPhone. You have small versions suitable for viewing on the iPhone’s screen. The originals are gone.
    You can email them back to yourself from your iPhone. That’s the easiest way. There are some utilities you can use to grab the photos, but I’ve never tried them. And they still will be the small low-res versions, of course.
    So, just saying: You are using some sort of backup system now, right?

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