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How To Turn On the Delete Option for All Messages In Mail by Swiping Left?

In the list view of Mail App on iPhone, I swipe left to delete a message, but some messages don’t have the Delete option there, inconvenient.
Even when I open such a message the bin is not shown under it.

I miss the standard delete function with some of messages in Mail App on iPhone.

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    3 years ago

    In the settings app, go to Mail, Swipe Options. There you can configure how the Swipe Left and Swipe Right work.

    However, as you may have found out, it is more complicated than that. Like so many things with email, it is a matter of what type of account you are using. If you set both of these to "none" then you see this default swiping behavior. For iCloud, a left swipe is Trash and for Google a left swipe is Archive. Adding a setting for Swipe Left will get you a second option there. Then you can add another option for Swipe Right.

    But even then you get differences. If you choose Archive for Swipe Right, you'll see a message that says "Accounts that include Archive as a default action for swiping left will offer Trash for swiping right."

    It IS annoying. I don't know why Apple can't make it consistent so that we can have Archive or Trash in the same place for multiple accounts. I have to swipe in opposite Trash for Archive and Trash depending on which account the email is in.

    3 years ago

    Thanks a lot Gary for the clear explanation and helpful comments - now I know (with my settings) if I don't see the trash bin by swiping left, I still can swipe right to delete the no longer needed emails, so I can keep my Mail app clean!
    Hoping Apple one day will make this function more consistent/less confusing for the users.

    Julie Armstrong
    2 years ago

    Hey Gary - Is there a way to delete multiple sms senders at once? With all the text confirmations for email, shopping and 2fa notifications I have a ton of senders, some with only a single message.

    But each deletion is a 2 step process - delete, then confirm. Is there any way to highlight several and delete them all at once? Thanks!

    2 years ago

    Julie: Do you mean conversations? No. Consider not deleting them at all. No need to and those little confirmation messages and such are not taking up enough space to worry about.

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