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How to upload videos taken on a Sony Bloggie TS20?

I just bought a Sony Bloggie HD camera TS20. Sony’s software for this product is NOT Mac compatible, but Sony told me that it will work with Quicktime. Guess what – I can’t make that happen. I can however upload via iMovie. How else can I upload videos from this camera? I have Leopard Snow OS.

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    9 years ago

    Can’t you just see the video files as if it were an external drive, and then drag and drop them from there to anywhere you want?
    Otherwise, using iMovie is a good option. Then you can just pull them out of your iMovie events folders and store them where you want.

    9 years ago

    Gary: I thank you and appreciate the fact that you responded.

    With my limited abilities to understand, I finally figured out software to use which, to me, is easier than iMovie. For other Bloggie users, I am going to describe my procedure here and hope it is useful for them:

    Plug Bloggie into USB port; Open Apple’s “Image Capture”, Switch on the Bloggie; Bloggie will appear in “Image Capture” window; Choose an “Import To” designation (desktop, iMovie, pictures or other); Highlight & click “Import All”; Pictures and Videos should appear where designated.


      Ali Grey
      9 years ago

      hi, whenever i try and upload my videos onto my mac, it won’t take them and it says:
      An Error Occurred During Import
      There was a problem importing 24-24 from your camera. Please review the imported movies carefully. I’m really confused by this, help me!

    7 years ago

    when you upload pictures from a bloggie, what date and time appears – when they were taken or when they were uploaded? i have some photos and i want to be sure the date showing is the date the pics were taken, not the date i uploaded them? it was a while ago, so i’m not sure.

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