Forum Question: How to Use MobileMe with Gmail right?

Hello Gary.
I did it, i am now trying Mobileme and i do like it so far.
But i have one problem with it. When i signed up for Mobile me i had the idea that all my email accounts (gmail) will be able to use the push service on my iphone, but it looks like its only for my mobileme email account.
so what i did is forwarding my emails from gmail to my mobile me account so if i get any emails to my gmail account i’ll know it through mobileme push. and it works. But, i have duplicated emails now, i know i can make gmail delete my emails after forwarding them, but i am not sure if that is the right thing to do. and i still want to use my gmail account (i think not really sure)

mainly i don’t want to duplication issue to happen at all, and now i have 2 of every email i get, even in my junbk mail too. and i want that to stop.
but still i want to know when i get emails through mobile me push serice.

the only solution i can think of is
make gmail delete the emails from its inbox after forwarding them to my mobileme account, which will stop the duplication.
but this solution will not keep my emails in my gmail account, and i do want them to stay there.

also, because i use mail on my mac, if i get an email to my gmail i get it also to my mobile me and the number of emails are always doubled, which i thought will be ok, but is too annoying.

i am sorry for this long and complex issue i have, but i hope that you will give me the answer for this mess i am in.

kind regards

— Hassan

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    9/27/10 @ 5:41 am

    Why not just forget about forwarding Gmail to MobileMe, and set your iPhone to check for Gmail (fetch) every 15 minutes or so? Why wouldn’t that work? Otherwise, I don’t really see a practical solution.

      9/27/10 @ 5:55 am

      i don’t know regarding fetch, i tried it, but it didn’t stop me from openning my iphone only to check my mail, cause 15 mins i don’t think its enough, and i know it will take battery.
      i tried pop but i think imap is better . i’ll do some filter system on my gmail account which will stop the duplication


        9/27/10 @ 6:04 am

        IMAP is definitely better. POP would give you all sorts of problems if you get your mail on both your iPhone and Mac.
        But it seems to me fetching as often as possible and manually checking here and there are a much better solution than getting duplicates and dealing with that all the time. But I suppose it is a matter of how important it is that you know about every email the second it arrives.

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