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How’s Lion working out fro you?

Hi! I’m using a (2006) iMac Core Duo maxxed out with 3Gigs of RAM & I’m still running Snow Leopard. I’ve looked at so many negative reviews & videos (App Store/YouTube,et al) about downloading, upgrading, and using Lion! I am a bit nervous about making the upgrade. Should Lion be reserved for just the newest Macs with higher RAM capacity, better graphics chips, and faster CPU’s? According to Apple, my machine SHOULD do OK – but the reviews from folks who have tried it don’t support that.

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    10 years ago

    Negative reviews? Don’t take a whole review as a negative or a positive. Figure out what they are saying and why.
    Lion has been great, but you are probably right to hesitate with such an old machine. I did upgrade a similar machine (2006 MacBook Pro), but it is an old test one, and not something I use every day. It worked fine, but the trackpad doesn’t support the new gestures, FYI.
    If you are considering upgrading soon, I would just wait for that to use Lion. Upgrading to Lion won’t change your machine — it will still be a 2006 iMac. So being on Snow Leopard or Lion for you might not make that much of a difference unless there is some feature of Lion you are dying to use.

      10 years ago

      Thanks Gary! I probably will stick with Snow Leopard until I get a newer machine. I think I’m taxing my machine enough with only 3 gigs of RAM, and a 256MB graphics processor. I’m seeing the good ole’ color wheel enough already.
      The complaints I saw about Lion were mostly due to the download and install process. In addition there were negative comments about new features like Launchpad (too hard to organize), and Mission Control (Spaces and Expose’ already handled this just fine).
      I like keeping my Mac up to date, but for me, Lion is going to have wait.
      Thanks, again!

    jac mills
    10 years ago

    Even for a computer dummy like me, Lion is fine. Just read the instructions, always follow Gary”s advice and directions, and you soon will enjoy Lion. I was very apprehensive until I got used to the differences, but now it is second nature.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    10 years ago

    Lions not working out for me, because i am still trying to figure out Snow Leopard, and how it works. It also depends on the individuals opinion.

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