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I Am Looking for 3rd Party RSS With iOS/MBP Support Of iCloud

I am looking for a great RSS 3rd party app that will work across MBP/iPad/iPhone and hopefully do all syncing across iCloud. Anyone have a great solution? I am using Lion
Lee Clayton

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    12 years ago

    I don't know if you will find an RSS reader that "supports iCloud" -- what, exactly would it be doing with iCloud? Not sure what that means.
    As for RSS readers, there are many of them. Search the Mac App Store and you'll find several.
    Myself, I don't use a dedicated app for RSS. Instead, I use a web-based app. There are many good sites that will let you display various news sources from feeds. Currently, I use to do this. So it works on my Mac, iPad and iPhone.

    John Raymonds
    12 years ago

    I use to be the holder of my feeds and both the Reeder app (notice the spelling) on iOS and OS X. Everything syncs perfectly and is very fast and efficient. I used to use NetNewsWire but I found Reeder to be a much more modern, easy to use, more reliable, and faster solution.

    Brian Yamabe
    12 years ago

    I'm looking for the same thing. "iCloud support" would mean feeds and read articles would sync via iCloud. Yes, Google Reader does this well and is very flexible (multiple client support), but some of us would like the option to move away from Google.

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