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I don’t understand the whole sim card thing.

I was excited that the 4S was a world phone, because I travel internationally several weeks each summer/fall, and Verizon’s loaner phones suck. Being a longtime Verizon user, I’m unfamiliar with sim cards. When pre-ordering my 4S from Verizon’s site, it gave me the option of a sim card. Of course, I said yes, but then it wanted me to sign up for a permanent global plan (not practical for 3 weeks a year). I deselected the sim card option and completed my order. My question is, can a sim card still be installed after the fact for temporary use, or am I out of luck, destined to annually trade in my iPhone for a Windows Mobile loaner phone for 3 weeks?

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    8 years ago

    Not sure either. Maybe it will be clearer on the 14th when the phones come out. Then I would ask at the Apple or Verizon store to see what they say.

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