Forum Question: I have two versions of messengers on my Mac

I have been using the messenger version 7.0.0 and last night, I saw this new version 7.0.2 and got all excited, thinking that the new version would help me with the problem of not being able to get offline messages… but now I am left with having two versions of messengers.

What should I do? Which one is better? Should I just delete the new version and settle with the old one?

Man, I feel so stupid right now.

— susan shih

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    12/13/09 @ 8:09 pm

    Which “messenger” program are you talking about. There is “Microsoft Messenger,” “Yahoo! Messenger,” “AOL Instant Messenger” and maybe more.
    If you have two versions, 7.0 and 7.0.2, then 7.0.2 would be the more up-to-date one and you should use that. No need to delete the other if you don’t want to. I keep old versions of applications around sometimes in case the new version proves to be unreliable in some way.

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