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I ned an APP to sort data in alpha numerical order

I am a wood woodworker and I’m trying to build an index of all the jigs,tricks,ideas and plans that are published in 3 woodworking magazines that I read.
The index will be by category such as
Table saw jigs, band saw jigs, router table and also plans and more….
Does anyone use and is satisfied with an APP that would help me?
The Owl

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    9 years ago

    I’d try the Bento app — see if you like that.

      The Owl
      9 years ago

      Thanks for your help so far, you’ve been very helpful.
      I may or may not get back on MacMost till around Oct 28+or- because I’m now at my summer residence in Michigan and I am in the middle of closing the house and packing to go to Fort Worth TX for the winter.
      This is a very interesting website

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