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Hi Gary,
since i installed 10.6 I experienced much more disadvantages than advantages, and i deeply regret to have updates so fast. For example do I have two Color LaserPrinter from HP and Lexmark and lost both drivers. Still no updated drivers available. Just the old inkjet from Canon still works. Also I lost my big Adobe SW Photoshop and InDesign, as my versions are too old for 10.6 no updates available, just fullversions for more than 1000,- € each. So actually big damage.

But what really takes my nerves is the email notification by iCal. Each time I create or change or touch an appointment in iCal it sends an email to the involved people which usually takes place as long as there is a valid email adress in the adressbook. If there is none it still tries and comes up with an error message.

This is pretty bad, as my customers get weird mails with even more weird attachements by ical they anyway cant read, as most of them are PC User.

So my Q is: IS THERE A WAY TO SWITCH THAT FEATURE OFF ? I didnt find one yet ! I consider it totally useless especially as it doesn´t leave me the choice or asks me before sending, and still the much more important feature to “open the related adresscard by clicking on an appointment” is still missing.

— Günther

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    12/10/09 @ 2:10 pm

    As far as I can figure out, there is no way to turn off email notifications. Having an “invitee” listed entitles them to know of every change, as far as iCal is concerned. So the thing would be to stop using the “invitees” section completely if you don’t want a notice sent out.
    I’d post in the iCal forum at the Apple site to make sure you add your voice to those already complaining.

    12/16/09 @ 3:10 am

    Thank you Gary,

    i´m actually not aware of having any invitees listed, I also never touch the Button “invite”, I close the event by klicking outside of the window.
    Obviously to have an e-mail adress in the adressbook is enough for iCal to consider the person as “invitee”.

    By the way: HP updated the Printerdriver for my printer meanwhile for 10.6, Lexmark updated twice meanwhile but not for my model, so Lexmark is still not working, although is the younger and usually better working printer.

    Wish you a happy holiday season, in case not hear/read anymore !

      12/16/09 @ 7:21 am

      If iCal is sending out email when you create events, and you don’t have any invitees for that event, then something is not right. I’d have someone else look at it — it definitely needs some attention but it is impossible to tell without looking at it. Take it in to the Genius Bar if you can.

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