Forum Question: iCal event / Podcasting / WD

1) I created a podcast for free using, it works great. However I would like to know are there any limitations / disadvantages of this free service?

2) I need to repeat an iCal event every second Saturday of every month, how do setup?

3) I plan to buy WD My Book Studio II 2 TB or 4 TB to use with Time Machine & extra data
3.1) Should I go for WD or some other brand?
3.2) My Book Studio can be upgraded with extra hard disk, does the new hdd need to be WD only or any SATA 3.5″ hdd?
3.3) If I buy the 2 TB version will it have 2 x 1 TB hdd & other two slots empty?

— Ankit Modi

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    3/20/10 @ 12:32 pm

    1 — Like what? What type of limitation do you mean?
    2 — Create a new event in iCal. Choose “Custom” for the “Repeat” option. Then Monthly for the frequency. Then Choose “One the” and “second” and “Saturday.”
    3 — WD is a fine brand. Other brands are fine too. It is up to you. I’ve never looked into any “extra hard disk” option, but I assume brand doesn’t matter. You may want to ask them. Same for the last question — ask them.

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