Forum Question: iCal Icon Date Display Problem

what i love about iCal is that when its closed (quite) its icon shows the date .
but for some reason every time when i quite iCal it shows me the old date (21st Oct) but when i start it, the icon changes to the correct date.
can you please tell me how to fix it.


— hassan

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    11/14/09 @ 5:53 pm

    Unfortunately, iCal has to run to update the icon. The only solutions floating around involved automatically launching iCal and then hiding it when the Mac boots, which only works if you reboot.
    So it looks like the solution is to keep iCal running. It doesn’t really take up any system resources, so there is no harm in doing that. Just hide it to get its window out of the way.
    Or, you can do what I do and ignore the icon. I use the date in the menu bar as my visual reference instead.

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