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iCal Invites In iPhone iOS 5

As per ios 5 features, we should be able to invite people for a iCal event right from
Our iPhone.
Though I see the inverts option there, on adding a name, no email
Is sent out. Tried so may times.
Am I missing something ?
Cyrus Dubash

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    10 years ago

    I only see the ability to invite someone else if I am using my iCloud account. Of course it may work with other accounts too, as long as they have some sort of calendar functionality.
    But I gather that there is no email. That it works through the calendar system. They get an alert or something through that, not a plain email. But I’m not sure.

      Cyrus Dubash
      10 years ago

      Yup I’m
      Using the iCloud version. But I tried inviting from all – mac & iPhone but no alert went through !

        10 years ago

        I’ve tried everything… and it doesn’t seem like the invitations are being sent.

    9 years ago

    Just do a test event w/another email other than your .me account. They go out fine, but the organizer doesn’t get emailed, which is kinda dumb.

    9 years ago

    The problems with handling calendar invitations from other sources are so fundamental that they should be top priority to get fixed. Surely if the iPhone/iPad are to gain any traction in the business world they MUST be capable of receiving invitations from non-Apple sources and responding. It’s unbelievable that this functionality is so bad. It should have been done correctly in IOS 1.0, not (still) unusable in IOS 5!

    9 years ago

    The only solution I found from iPhone was to take a picture of the event, go into photo’s and email the event. However there are not links for the receiver to create an event. I wished this feature worked. I saw WWDC 2012, not new calendar features for the iPhone/ iPad. At this time you can email an event from iCal on your computer, but not from iPhone or iPad. iOS6 was featured in the Keynote address. Go to to see new features.

    8 years ago

    Use the google calendar app instead

    8 years ago

    Just go to settings/calendars and make sure your default calendar is set to iCal. The invites option just shows up. Then it will use your iCloud account to send invites.

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