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iCal Sync With MobileMe

I create a new to do in iCal or in Mail, thinking that it would automatically sync with my MobileMe or iphone but for some reason it doesn’t. Is there anything I need to do or set up to be able to do this?

— Amir

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    10 years ago

    Do you have calendars selected for syncing in your System Preferences, MobileMe section? That’s the first thing I would check. If that is on, then the new calendar should sync with your MobileMe account.
    Then you should also make sure that calendar sync is turned on in your iPhone’s settings. Look under the MobileMe mail account and make sure that account is set to sync calendars.

    10 years ago

    I have checked both of those things, and they are on. When I add a To Do where does it actually appear in my iPhone. Is it the Calendar or Mail app?? I don;t seem to have a folder in Calendar or Mail called To Do.



      10 years ago

      To Do items don’t appear on the iPhone.
      I’m sorry. I thought you were trying to find out why calendars weren’t syncing.

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