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For some reason it is not possible to get iCall synchronized with MobileMe and vise verca. Working with version Mac OS X 10.5.8
Help or suggestions is more than welcome.
Jan De Decker

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    2/20/11 @ 9:07 am

    Hard to tell without looking first hand. Consider a trip to the Genius Bar.
    What I would do is to try creating a calendar on MobileMe (the web interface) and then it should just appear in your iCal as long as you have your MobileMe account set up there. But I can’t remember how to do that in Leopard. In Snow Leopard’s iCal you simply add your MobileMe account in the iCal prefs. So it is not that you get a calendar synced, it is that the calendar exists in your MobileMe account and you can view it using iCal.

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