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iCloud Email Address As Default. Is This Wise?

Is it wise to use iCloud email address as primary account & cease using old ISP account?
I am a relatively new Mac user & loving ever step of the journey. I also love my new email address and would like to ask my contacts to make this my default email address.
I am wondering if this is a wise thing to do. Is it likely that Apple would pull the plug on these accounts at some stage. Is there anything about Cloud email accounts that a newb Mac user ought to consider. I know this may all come down to personal opinion but I am keen to learn what the consensus is on this.
PS – Should have jumped from PC to Mac decades ago :)

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    12 years ago

    I would think it is a much safer bet to use an independent service like iCloud than to use an ISP address.
    I've been meaning to do a video on the dangers of using an ISP address for some time. If you use your service provider's email address then what happens if you switch service providers? From DSL to Cable? Or to some future service (WiMax?) With an email address like or even you have something more portable.
    Nothing is guaranteed, but Apple's track record is good so far. They started with email addresses and even though they switched to those old ones still work.
    The best, of course, would be to buy your own domain for $10 or so per year. Then you know you can always take it with you and no one can take it away from you.

    12 years ago

    Thanks for your reply Gary. That is most reassuring. I do have email with my domain name but it doesn't seem to play nice across multiple devices. Just love the way the iCloud does it. :)

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