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I’d Like To Have Two Music Files In iTunes, One AIFF, the Other MP3s.

I rarely, if ever, download music. I prefer to buy CDs. I want one file to be the AIFF, lossless form. I want the other to be mp3s so that I can load to a USB to play in my car or take with me to use on my laptop when traveling. I found something once that allowed me to do that on YouTube. Like an idiot, I figured I’d remember it and didn’t save the link. Of course, I want the artist, the name of the album and the song titles so my radio can index them. The file I made now shows doubles of my songs, but one is lossless and the other mp3s. It would be nice if they were separate but, not mandatory. Once learned it would be easy to do each time I purchase a new CD. I think this could be useful info for many. Would you show us how to do that? Thanks,

Dan Martin

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    4 years ago

    Not sure what you are asking. Are you asking how to rip the music into iTunes so you have the two versions? I would just rip it twice: once with iTunes set to go to AIFF and again after changing the setting to MP3.

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