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IDVD Slideshows : Blurred or Pixelated Pictures !

I have a good camera which takes great pictures. But they appear very blurred and pixelated when seen as a SLideshow on a DVD that is burnt n iDVD.
Anything I could do to get the clarity back?
Thanks Cyrus !
Cyrus Dubash

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    9 years ago

    One thing to remember is that DVDs are 480p — 480 pixels high. Your original pictures are many times that size. See
    So it could just be that you are comparing the original sharp image to one converted to SD video.

    9 years ago

    Yea my wife and I have a photography business and we export 1080p slideshows our of Aperture. The exported file is a MOV file that will play back just fine on a computer, Apple TV or X Box. But we also know that most of our clients may not have these “new” products but just have a DVD player so we are forced to convert to DVD format also and yes you can immediately see the difference in quality. Because of this, we give they two copies, one on DVD format and the other the 1080p MOV file. It would be nice if we could author natively on our macs without using 3rd party software or hardware since some clients do have BluRay players but I also understand Apple approach to this that optical storage will (and I agree) be a thing of the past.

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