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iDVD Theme Extra Menu

hi gary
i have made a dvd in i dvd with a theme i need only the auto play movie and one main menu page and its been made but the theme has one more extra menu page when i check it in project i see a yellow triangle saying extra menu has no buttons /how should i go about it-thanks

— nirja

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    10 years ago

    You can delete menus and branches of your iDVD project if you don’t need them. Not exactly sure what you are looking at from the description, but select and delete usually works.

    10 years ago

    i made a poject in idvd i took a theme forever then i posted pic in drop zones then added movie from quick player also added music to drop zones but when i checked the project it had a yellow triangle saying in forever extras menu has empty drop zones -i dont understand i had put pic in all the drop zones in main menu please help thanks

      10 years ago

      If it says there are “empty drop zones” then there must be one you are forgetting. Perhaps a background or something. Try playing around with it. Try starting a new project with the same theme so you can see the empty drop zones there.

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