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If I Run Windows In Bootcamp Does That Open My MacBook To Viruses?

Looking for a little bit of help. I would like to use bootcamp for running Windows 7 so that I can play PC based games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic. First does do you have direction for useing bootcamp and loading windows? Also does this open my computer to Viruses? Is this a risky decision?

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    7 years ago

    To establish a Boot Camp partition and install Windows, simply run the Boot Camp Assistant app that comes with your Mac. It walks you through it.
    As for whether or not you can get viruses: Well, you’ll have two partitions on your hard drive: one OS X and one Windows. The Windows partition is just like any other install of Windows. It can get viruses, sure. If you want, you can install Windows anti-virus software on it. You probably should.
    But the Mac side is separate. Plus, Windows viruses affect Windows. They are made up of code that latches on to the Windows OS. So they simply don’t work on OS X which is something different. Think of it like OS X and Windows are two different languages. The virus only speaks one language.

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