Forum Question: iMac does not show up on iPad or iPhone airplay

I have a iMac with a 1tb time capsule an iPad and iPhone with iOS 4.2 the airplay does not display my iMac or iPhone on the iPad and visa versa does airplay work with a time capsule and iMac the iPad does not show the iPhone either and visa versa can you help I can’t seem to find any reliable info on the subject.

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    12/10/10 @ 11:11 pm

    AirPlay will let your Mac, iPad or iPhone stream music to either an Apple TV (1 or 2) or an Airport Express (which has audio outputs for this). It will also let you stream video from your iPhone or iPad (iOS 4.2 or newer) to your Apple TV (version 2 only, I believe).
    More AirPlay devices may be coming out soon. Like stereo systems that connect to your wireless network, TVs perhaps.
    Streaming from your iPad to your iPhone, or from your iPhone to your iPad doesn’t make much sense, and I doubt that will ever happen. Likewise streaming from your Mac to an iPad or iPhone. But from an iPhone/iPad to your Mac could be something that Apple will let us do in the future. It will be a little more complex as a Mac isn’t simple a single screen or single set of speakers. We’ll need to be able to control exactly what it means to stream to a Mac — so it may be a way off.

      1/28/11 @ 5:22 pm

      Streaming audio/video from your Mac to an iPhone/iPod/iPad actually makes as much sense as streaming from your Mac to your Airport Express. If I’m sending audio from my Mac to, say, my Airport-Express-enabled living room stereo, I’d also love to be able to send it to my iPod touch so I can carry it with me when I need to be out of the room, in the back yard, etc. Fortunately, Airfoil has filled this gap. What I’m really missing now is the ability to stream audio from Podcaster on my iPod to my iMac speakers, my living room stereo *and* my iPod touch speakers simultaneously. I’ll bet that’s not an uncrackable nut, tho’ it’s beyond my abilities. I hope someone cracks it soon.

        6/1/11 @ 6:41 am

        I have just purchased the Ipad 2, one reason to listen to my Itunes library on the Ipad streaming from my Imac Wirelesly, does anybody know a simple way to do this

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