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iMAC Freezing or Not Waking Up

New to Apple and am enjoying it for the most part; however, for the past month (plus) my computer will not respond after sitting for a period of time. Not sure if I would call it freezing because my mouse works and can open applications folder. But cannot open anything else. Click on an icon and get a ‘donk’ sound and nothing. Trying to get answers from Apple has been difficult, maybe I just do not know the ins and arounds the system. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Mark James

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    10 years ago

    Really hard to diagnose a problem like that from a distance. I’d recommend having someone take a look at it.
    It sounds like something is running and not quitting. Have you tried Command+Option+Esc to see if something is “not responding.” Even if not, try switching to other applications to see what you can see.

    10 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I have tried that, most of the time only “finder” and will relaunch but that does not work. Occasionally, I get the Error Message 10810. Additionally, when you referencing switching applications, is that just trying to ‘open’ an App?

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