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iMac goes to sleep – Time Machine and Apple TV stop

I’ve been trying to figure this out. Just recently, I noticed that my Apple TV cannot access my computer after it has been on sleep mode. I also use Time Machine Editor to do a backup during the night, but it always says that it failed (“couldn’t access the drive”). I don’t get it – these were never issues before. How can I correct this short of never letting my computer sleep? It just started doing this about a month ago, perhaps a setting was inadvertently changed or an update did something?
Kevin Durr

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    10 years ago

    Perhaps before you have the display going to sleep, not the whole Mac? If your Mac goes to sleep, then you won’t be able to access it over Apple TV. If you have shared drives on the Mac, then they won’t be accessible either.
    I have my Mac Pro stay awake all the time, but the display is set to sleep.

    10 years ago

    Gary let me ask if your setting for Mac “never” to go to sleep, what is actually happening? For example, when you have the setting checked for “put hard disk to sleep when possible” will the hard disk spin down “sleep” with the Mac set to never go to sleep? If so, other than the hard disk, what other processes are going on when Mac is “never” sleeping but yet not “really” doing anything?

      10 years ago

      The hard disk will spin down, I suppose. I’m sure I do use a $1 or $2 more on my electric bill, but it is necessary for me to be able to access that machine elsewhere in the building, and outside of it.

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