Forum Question: iMac to Air for Aperture Photo album?

I am working on a photo album in Aperture and would like to transfer the information so I can work on the album in my
Mac Book Air and then back when working on the iMac. What file(s) must I send from iMac to MBA for this? thanks…
also, love your site and videos..they really help!

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    7/3/11 @ 12:24 pm

    Not sure how your workflow is but Aperture by default puts your library in a “package file” and Aperture maintains that file and data base. You could export the photos you working with to a folder you create and copy those images into your library on your MacBook Air for further edititing or creating a book or album.

    7/3/11 @ 12:33 pm

    Point is I would not go messing with that package file. You can look into the package file by right clicking the package and selecting “show contents”, but again do not recommend messing with these files. That’s why “exporting” is the best option. Not sure just yet but you may be able to export the “project” and than import to other library.

    Steve Weller
    7/3/11 @ 1:02 pm

    As long as you are using Aperture 3.0 and up this is easy. Put everything you want to work on in one project if it is not already there. Network your computers so you can see the desktop of the other from your iMac. Drag the project directly from Aperture to the desktop of the other machine. It will save it as a library.

    On the Air, double click that library and do work. When you get back, network the machines again and drag the library on the Air back onto Aperture on your iMac. It will give you choices as to whether you want to rename, replace, merge etc. Let it do its stuff.

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