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imap & pop3 gmail

I use 1 gmail id configured as IMAP on my iPhone & POP on Mail. When I archive a mail from my iPhone’s inbox it still gets downloaded (POPed) on my Mac, why?

How to prevent the same mail again being downloaded on my Mac?

In Gmail settings I have set “When messages are accessed with POP – archive Gmail’s copy”

— Ankit Modi

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    10 years ago

    Why do you have it set up as POP3 on your Mac? You should use IMAP for both. I’d imagine there are all sorts of unexpected problems using IMAP on one and POP on the other. Set both to IMAP and it should work much better.

    Ankit Modi
    10 years ago

    Gary you are right, I should use IMAP for all devices, but disabling the archiving option on my iPhone for Gmail solves my problem.

    Now if I delete an email from my iPhone (IMAP) it does not get downloaded on my Mac (POP)

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