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iMovie 09 Speed up video clip but not audio

I have a 1 minute video that have sped up
by 1000%. I added music. I uploaded to website.But When I play back video the audio is also
sped up so music sound like gibberish.How to
speed up video but not the added audio music?

— lewis

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    10 years ago

    To do that, just separate the audio from the video. Select the clip in the upper project area and choose Edit, Detach Audio. Then select only the video part, and leave the purple audio part unselected. Convert and speed up the videp part.
    Of course, then when you speed up the video by 1000% you will end up with a video that is on tenth the length of the audio — but I assume you would then just want to chop the audio.

    10 years ago

    Thank you but the audio is music I add to the video clip.It is not part of the original video clip. I have muted the original audio in the original video clip and then I add music. It is the added music that I dont know how to keep as original without it speeding up.

    I know how to detach the audio from video but I cant see the benefit of doing this as the I have already muted the audio. It is the added music I want to know how to keep from speeding up.

      10 years ago

      If you are adding music as a separate track, then it will not be sped up — only the video clip you select in the project and apply the speed change to will speed up. Not the other clips, or independent music tracks.

    10 years ago

    Maybe we dont understand each other but what you said seems not to be true. I added the music as an independent track but when I share and export to quicktime the music is also sped up..But no matter as I have solved it. I first exported the video to quicktime with no added music track. Then i imported video back to my project and created a new project and then added the music track. The video is sped up, the music is not. And it works on the website I uploaded to.

      10 years ago

      You must be laying in the music in some other way. My method definitely works, in iMovie 09. Are you saying that with your method the song plays back fine in iMovie and then is sped up after export? That’s odd. Did you add it as an track for the entire video (huge green area around the project) or as a true independent track (green line under the video).

        10 years ago

        Hi Gary,This is what I did.
        1) I edited Project 1 video and muted all internal audio.
        2) I increased entire video speed by 1000%.
        3) I shared (exported to Quicktime mp4) to my harddrive with no internal or external audio.
        4) I imported Project 1 video back to my Project Window in imovie 09.
        5) I added music as independent track (green line under video)to entire video.
        6) I exported again as Project 2 to my harddrive.
        7) I uploaded to website.

          10 years ago

          That will work, but you are compressing the video twice — which degrades the video quality. You should be able to do it in your original iMovie project and only have to export once.

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