Forum Question: iMovie, How To Insert a Clip By Timestamp?

I have a group of clips of sporting events. I have a list of times for each clip that I want to select and put into my project to build a highlight of plays / players. I cannot find a setting that will show me a time of where in the clip I am selecting.(i.e. 4:10 into clip…)
iMovie ’11 on Mac Mini running OS X Lion
Pete DuMond

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    12/1/11 @ 6:20 pm

    iMovie doesn’t use time stamps like that in clips. So you’ll need to branch out from iMovie. Final Cut Pro X does this, of course, but if you are not ready for that, then there are easier ways.
    You can use QuickTime Player and the “Trim” function to do this. So start with your clips outside of iMovie. Open the first and select Edit, Trim. Then adjust the start and end for your times, and trim. Then save it as a copy. Do the same for the rest. Then import the new versions of each into iMovie.
    Another way would be to simply estimate the times in iMovie and do the best you can. If you have only a handful of clips, it should only take a few minutes, so why not?

      Pete DuMond
      12/2/11 @ 11:05 am

      Thanks Gary, I will try that. This is my first Mac, I have been a PC guy, but the Hi-Def video kept crashing my computer. I am just getting used to iMovie for now. Have you ever used Adobe Premier CS5? How does it compare to Final Cut Pro?

      Thanks again.

        12/2/11 @ 11:40 am

        No, I have never used Premiere CS5, only Elements. I love FCPX, FYI.

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