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iMovie11 problem with beat markers

Hi macmost, i leave in Berlin i See all your Videos And i must say that you are 1 of the few who knows what he is Talking about.
my Problem is that when i put Clips on a Song with Beat Markers;
At the beginning is ok every Things Match but After a While, (me choosing the best part of each clip that should match with the markers) i notice that Some of the other previous spots with markers doesn t match anymore with the Part of the clip i allready chose. Or viceversa “the Clip doesn t Match with the Markers anymore.
now are many days that i am trying again and again to finish my project but when i am allmost finish i check the beginning of my project and its happening the Same Thing again on other spots with markers.
Please can you help me?
Thank you
ps sorry for my poor English
F. Takes2home
and merry xmass
Fulvio Marino

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    9 years ago

    I haven’t used beat markers too much, outside of experimenting with them when I made episode 479. I didn’t run into that issue.
    I would try approaching it differently. Perhaps drag all of your clips there at once. Or in larger groups. Or, try re-applying the early clips. Experiment. That’s all I can suggest.
    Bugs are very hard to advise on, as I would have to try to duplicate it myself and since I don’t have a beat marker video project to make, it could take a long time.

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