Forum Question: Import Video From iPhone 4

How to import video from iPhone 4 to iMovie. When I connect the phone to my Mac and lunch iMovie It not working.

Thank you.

— Ebay

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    6/30/10 @ 6:56 am

    You import it into iPhoto first. Then bring it into iMovie using the media browser.
    An alternative is to use the Image Capture application to skip iPhoto and bring the video files to a folder in the Finder.

      7/1/10 @ 12:39 pm

      This doesnt seem to work.

      I exported a video in iMovie for mac to my iphone ‘photos’ section. It picks up the video in the ‘photos’ app but not when i want to import into imovie for iphone 4. Maybe try different formats?

        7/1/10 @ 12:47 pm

        As far as I understand, you cannot use any video in iMovie for iPhone unless it was recorded on the iPhone.

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