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Importing photos to iPhone

I have been installing photos to my iphone and i get a message “some of your photos including the photo xxxxx.jpg were not copied to the iphone because they cannot be displayed on your iphone”
Has anyone got this message, and is there a way to fix the photos so that they can be imported

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    10 years ago

    How are you moving the photos to your iPhone? Using iPhoto and iTunes on a Mac? Using folders and iTunes on Windows? Some other way?
    What is special about those photos? Are they particularly large (or small) in dimensions? File size? A special type of jpeg image (JPEG2000 or something like that)?

      10 years ago

      I am using a macbook, I am doing a standard sync with itunes. The photo files are from an iphoto album. Now the original image files were taken with my older iphone 3gs (that has since gotten water damage). Using itunes to upload photos is something I have been doing for over 3 years since I have had an iphone. & the phone already has over 2000 pics on it & some of which were taken with my old iphone. I was more surprised that I got the message I did because it did not say it was an error & the message says
      “they cannot be displayed on your iphone” How does a photo taken from an iphone (which has not been edited) unable to be displayed on an iphone.

        10 years ago

        Hard to say what might be wrong. What happens when you select one of the “bad” images and get info on it? What dimensions does it show? You might want to visit the Genius Bar for some first hand help as I can only guess the problem without seeing it first-hand.

    10 years ago

    I just solved the problem. I found if you delete the ipod photo cache, then when you next sync the iphone you need to reload your photos on the iphone then it resets things and the photos sync

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