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Impossible to create an account Hotmail in Mail

First sorry for my bad english.
I used Mail for my account Gmail and it works perfectly but when I try to add my account Hotmail, it´s impossible to do. I don´t understand why. The message I have says: “Impossible to access server popmail” and the same happens with the SMTP.
Can you tell me why I have this problem? Last year I readed it was necessary to have Hotmail Plus to do that but then I readed it was now possible to do it with regular Hotmail.
Thank you for helping me.
Great podcast, I love it.

— Dominique

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    11 years ago

    I don’t know. Perhaps check the Hotmail site to see if they have some sort of support forums? Or, just use gmail instead of Hotmail.

    Gary McNeil
    11 years ago

    I have hotmail and I had the same problem. Then when Windows changed the way hotmail works it went threw. I don’t know why. How it set it up is

    Incoming Mail Server is

    and Outgoing mail server is email

    I hope this helps

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