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In Pages Can You Set the Default Text Wrap to None? V5.6.1

Is there any way to make new objects, text boxes, shapes, imported graphics… to have

Arrange > Text Wrap : None?

Or keyboard shortcut?


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    4 years ago

    No. And since there is no menu item for that, then there is no way to set a keyboard shortcut either.
    I know the feeling. When writing my latest book, I needed to manually set every image to Inline With Text and it was annoying.
    But with a text box, at least you can copy and paste the same text box to get a duplicate with the same settings. Or, Option+drag to duplicate it. Or Command+D. Can’t really do that with an image, but a text box it makes more sense.
    Or, just create a simply text box on one page or in one document that is your base text box and copy and paste that one as a starting point for new text boxes. You can then include other attributes as well.

    4 years ago

    Thank you for the quick reply.

    I’ve been do what you suggest and made a template with common objects since wrap None isn’t saved with an objects’ Style.

    Do you think it is worth digging through the Package Content of to change the default?

    An idea I used for imported images — drag a batch of images into a new document, set Text Wrap, Style etc…, group and scale, ungroup and then use this to copy each image as needed.

    p.s. thank for your great trip about using Sections in Pages —

    4 years ago

    I seriously doubt that you’ll be able to change things by looking at the app’s package.

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