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In Preview, Can I Change Where the Insert Text Appears?

Using Preview, when I insert text it always inserts it in the middle of the document (pdf, Word, .txt, etc). I then need to move it to wherever I want. Can I change this to insert the text where I click? And, can I change the text to be Left Aligned instead of Center Aligned?
Marj Green

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    5 years ago

    When you add text to a document in Preview, you are "annotating" the document. Preview is not a document creation or editing tool. All you can do is annotate it.

    So these text annotations are pretty simple. It adds to the center, you are right, and then you need to move the text box. You can't justify the text, you just position it as needed.

    If you have to do a lot more than annotating, then you may want to consider a more advanced PDF tool like Adobe Acrobat or PDF Pen. Or, go back to the original source document (Word, Pages, InDesign, etc) and make changes to the original document.

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