Forum Question: In which ways will ioS 5 be slow on the Iphone 4?

I intend to upgrade to the Iphone 4S, but just waiting to see if the 5 will come out next year, then will directly buy that. I have 2 qs regarding updating software to ios 5 on my existing iphone 4.
1) Will it be a free software upgrade or paid?
2) The 4s processor is ideally geared to handle the new functionalities of ios 5, I know; it is expected that 3gs and i4 will not be fast enough to do it full justice. But how keenly will this be true? Will a lot of features, like lockscreen camera, updates, imessage etc be slow and sluggish on the i4? Or does it make sense to upgrade to 5?

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    10/10/11 @ 9:41 am

    iOS 5 will be free. Apple has never charged for iOS upgrades on iPhones.
    It is hard to say how fast or slow iOS 5 will be on the iPhone 4 since it isn’t out yet. The iPhone 4 still has a pretty impressing processor (A4) and should be able to handle things well. But that is only a guess. Plus, “fast enough” is kinda subjective — what is fast to one person isn’t to another.
    The only feature of iOS 5 what I have heard that will be 4S only is Siri. I can’t see why iMessage would be slow — that doesn’t require much processor power. Updates will rely on wifi speed, not processor speed.
    I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to update an iPhone 4 to iOS 5. Even if new features are slower on the iPhone 4 than the iPhone 4S, isn’t it better to have them than not to have them?

      10/21/11 @ 6:37 am

      Your wrong bout one thing. The 3.0 upgrade costed me 9.99

        10/21/11 @ 6:39 am

        Not on the iPhone. You are thinking about the iPod touch. Apple charged for some upgrades early on with the iPod touch.

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