Forum Question: Including Printable Slideshow Photos On a DVD

I would like to be able to print photos from a slideshow. I give people video footage on iDVD and i have a menu on that DVD that has a slideshow on it. How can I make it possible for them to print the photos from the iDVD disk

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    11/7/11 @ 8:03 am

    When you create a DVD in iDVD you have the option to include extra files on the disc that can only be seen on a Mac or PC. Naturally, a DVD video player won’t do anything with those.
    You can use this ability to create a folder of pictures, or a PDF, that people can then access on their computer and print. It sounds like a PDF might be a good idea in your case. You can create an album in iPhoto, for instance, and then print it, but “Save as PDF” instead of printing. Then include that PDF.
    Or, you can use a word processor (Pages, Word) or even Preview to make a PDF.
    In iDVD you would choose Advanced, Edit DVD-ROM Contents to add the file(s) to the Mac/PC portion of the DVD.

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